Frequently asked questions

photo of bass

How long will they play for?

The band typically plays from 8pm - 12 pm, and stop for 30 minutes rest during the buffet.

How much space do they need?

The Strides are a four-piece line up, and only need a stage space of 6 x 4 metres with a power supply.

How long do they need to set up?

The band only needs 45 minutes to set up their equipment.

What will the band wear?

The band can tailor their look to suit your needs on the night. For awards ceremonies, they can dress formally in black clothes and for private parties and less formal events they can dress more casually if you prefer. Essentially the keyword here is 'flexibility'! Just specify what your requirements are and The Strides will have a rummage in their wardrobe…

Will the band play the first dance?

The Strides are happy to play the first dance, provided we have enough notice to learn and rehearse the song.

Does the band provide background music during their break?


Can the band provide Ceilidh music?

Yes, The Strides can provide a short Ceilidh set and also call the dances.

Does the band have PAT certificates and public liability insurance?


Do you perform at showcases?

Yes. You can view all the upcoming showcases on the MFS wedding band showcases site.

Can we book The Strides directly?

Unfortunately not. We work exclusively for the premier live music agency Music For Scotland.