Wedding Bands Scotland

We thought that we'd assemble a small check list of the practical things you will need to consider once you've booked any of the wedding bands Scotland.

1. Check with the venue.

Consult with the venue that you can include a live wedding band in Scotland. Although this might seem an obvious aspect to consider you ought to talk to the venue about the type of live entertainment as a number of wedding venues could possibly be sharing facilities with other business such as galleries or maybe places of historical importance where they may place restrictions on volume level and also the size of the band. We would suggest that assuming you have arranged this with the venue it's a wise decision to get a contact name and telephone number for your band to liaise with.

2. Accessibility to the function room.

It is vital that Scottish wedding bands can get comfortable access to the reception room principally for Health and safety. Long flights of stairs and elevators can easily increase the period of time that it'll take for the band to carry in their gear and so this may possibly affect the schedule for the evening. If in cases where lifts might be implemented it is vital that the band may have private use of the lift for the specific time period to ensure that their get in isn't inhibited in any way.

3. Talk to the band.

Talk with the band regarding the time frame they intend to turn up and set-up their gear. For any wedding we would usually arrive 60 minutes ahead of the start time. This should provide us lots of time to set up all of our gear and sound check our equipment. The most common kick off time is 8pm therefore we would aim to be at your venue at around 7pm except in cases where otherwise stated. If a consumer would like us to setup before to the meal there would be an extra cost.

4. Timings

The band normally play for three hours inside of a 4 hour time period, just like most wedding bands Scotland. Common times are generally between 8pm-12am however this really is discussed. In case the evening plan is running late the agreed timings would continue to apply unless the band consents to play after the contracted finishing time.

5. Food & drink for the band

A good number of wedding bands need to have food and drinks sooner or later on the evening. Except it is actually for corporate entertainment the band can usually eat from the buffet generally provided for the guests, this can needless to say be decided up-front with the bride and groom.